Help Your Clients Achieve Homeownership with Bedrock Credit America

As a realtor or loan officer, you know that credit issues can pose a significant hurdle for prospective homebuyers. Bedrock Credit America is here to assist your clients in overcoming these challenges, enabling them to secure a mortgage and purchase their dream home.

Why Partner with Us?

At Bedrock Credit America, we specialize in helping prospective homebuyers understand the credit system and improve their credit scores. By partnering with us, your clients gain a pathway to homeownership, enhancing your services and increasing client satisfaction.

Our Services for Your Clients

Free Credit Report Review & Phone Consultation

We provide a complimentary review of your client’s credit report during a phone consultation. Our experts then identify the issues your clients are facing and outline the steps needed to improve their credit score.

Personalized Action Plan

We develop a customized action plan tailored to each of your clients’ unique situations. This plan is also shared with you, keeping you informed and involved in your client’s progress.

Credit Repair

We offer comprehensive credit repair services to dispute inaccuracies on your client’s credit report, helping to remove unfair items that negatively impact their score.

Online Credit Library

Our online credit library offers valuable information on managing and improving credit, featuring informative articles, videos, and more.

Partnership Benefits

Communication and Transparency

When you refer a client to Bedrock Credit America, you are included on all pertinent communications and granted access to an online portal to track your client’s progress. This ensures that you are always up-to-date and able to provide additional support to your clients as needed.

Increased Success Rates

Boost your own success rates by enabling more of your clients to qualify for mortgages through our targeted credit repair and coaching services.

Enhanced Client Satisfaction

Help your clients achieve their dream of homeownership by addressing and resolving their credit issues, leading to higher satisfaction and stronger client relationships.

Expand Your Expertise

Bringing Bedrock Credit America on as part of your team allows your clients to have access to industry leading experts in credit and leaves you more time to focus on your core business.

Speaking Engagements

Bedrock Credit America is available to speak at your office or homebuyer seminars. Our experts can provide valuable insights into the credit repair process and educate your team and clients on the best practices for improving credit scores.

Success Stories

“[BCA’s] responsiveness and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure a happy client has made them an invaluable partner.”

Lisa Moriello
Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional at loanDepot

“I would recommend Bedrock Credit America to anyone who needed help preparing to improve their credit position.”

William M. Karchere
Broker/Owner at Platinum Property Realty

Contact Us for Partnership Details

Call us at (203) 404-7209 or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation with one of our credit counselors. We’ll work with your clients to create a roadmap to improve their credit and get them closer to their dream home.

Why Wait?

Empower your clients to overcome their credit challenges and achieve their dream of homeownership. Reach out to Bedrock Credit America today to discuss partnership opportunities, schedule a speaking engagement, and start referring your clients.