Our Message

With millions of Americans living with subpar credit, the United States economy has struggled to achieve its full potential.  There is a general lack of understanding as to how the credit system works and what can be done to maintain proper credit.  Bedrock Credit America plans to correct this problem through community outreach and education.  

Bedrock Credit America serves the underprivileged citizens of America by offering free credit education and practical application by creating customized education and action plans for individuals. This will allow specific issues to be addressed in an easy-to-understand manner and create hope for those who are currently struggling with their credit.  Also, through partnerships with community businesses, banks, mortgage lenders, Realtors, as well as community institutions, churches, schools and other non-profits, we will offer free credit education seminars that will be open to the public. These will be held both in person and online, so that we may better explain how credit works as an overall and reach a much larger range of the population.  Free in-person classes combined with the free consultations, will allow BCA’s credit expertise to be accessible to all community members.  With this credit education in hand, Americans will have the financial confidence they need to be stronger and more able members of their community.  With the tools and education given to them through BCA they will be able to make wise credit and financial decisions which can pave the way to home ownership.  This helps to combat community deterioration as homeownership increases the feeling of ownership of one’s community.

BCA will use publicly available information as well as input from community leaders and members to identify the communities with poor, distressed and underprivileged Americans. Working with other community members, BCA’s experts will provide credit seminars to explain the current credit scoring system and bring knowledge to the benefit of the community. Studies have shown that home ownership builds both individual and community wealth, educating the community on how credit affects them and providing strategies to help them improve their scores is one part of helping bring them closer to homeownership. 

BCA will offer, free of charge, a comprehensive evaluation of any individual’s credit report. This in person, phone or virtual consultation will explain what is on the report and how it is affecting the individual’s credit score. The credit expert, working with each individual, will develop a personalized action plan which outlines current issues that need to be addressed as well as strategies for building positive credit going forward.

In order to allow each individual to retain this knowledge they will be given access to an online portal which will house both their report and action plan. Within this portal they will also have access to a credit library tailored to their action plan and needs. 

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