What can Bedrock Credit America can do for you?

Bedrock Credit America (BCA) helps the American public through credit education and restoration. Every individual who requests assistance from the organization is given the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive evaluation of his or her credit report. This assessment is performed at no cost and without obligation. The customized phone, virtual or in person consultation will provide much needed information to those seeking to better understand their credit. We provide a dedicated web portal that allows for access to a personalized action plan and educational materials. Upon completion of the credit review if there are credit issues that the client feels they are unable to handle, we will offer a customized solution to fit their individual needs. One solution is enrollment in our credit coaching program which provides access to a Bedrock Credit America specialist for coaching and support sessions. Alternatively, if the individual deems that the work would be too overwhelming, a more comprehensive option will be offered. This option would involve one of our specialized BCA Processors who will represent the consumer with the creditors and Credit Reporting Agencies. 

In addition, we provide free financial and credit educational seminars and programs to individuals, community groups and non-profit agencies who are seeking to provide understanding of how credit works and how improved credit can be beneficial to the community.

BCA will assist consumers in identifying and disputing inaccurate, unverifiable, and incomplete items on their Credit Reports. This will be done through a comprehensive review of the client’s credit report. Once all discrepancies have been identified the consumer will have knowledge that will enable them to contact the credit bureaus and challenge these items on their own.  If the consumer decides they need further assistance in this process, we will offer a coaching option that will allow them to utilize BCA’s expertise in best practices of handling dispute accounts with the Credit Reporting Agencies for a nominal fee.  Lastly, if the consumer is unable or unwilling to send the disputes themselves, they will have the option to engage BCA to contact the credit bureaus on their behalf.

BCA will consult with individuals that show open collections and open charge offs on their credit report. By explaining the BCA procedure of how to correctly pay open collections and charge-offs the clients will have a full understanding about how a systematic approach to payment can avoid negative effects on the credit score. 

If needed an individual may contract BCA to have a trained credit specialist represent them as a limited power of attorney for an additional cost. The BCA credit specialist will contact the collection company or creditor on the client’s behalf to negotiate the best settlement possible. Once this settlement is agreed upon by the client BCA will obtain this agreement in writing. The BCA specialist will then walk the individual through the specialized BCA process of collection payment to ensure the individual is protected financially and that they increase the possibility of improving their credit score.

“Everyone deserves great credit. With our knowledge and expertise, we can help you get there.” -Stephen Robert CEO

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